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                                                  Small Pull Box 

  • Each Box can be customized to your liking 
  • You choose a picture or design that can be lasered on the front plate or even your logo to represent your company during your pull lives 
  • You can fit up to 600-800 Top Load cards in this size box
  • This new design is slabbed fit on the inside and tilted downwards on the outside so when your pull cards you don't gotta worry about cards falling forward.
  • The outside diameter is 17 3/4 and the inside is 16 in diameter  
  • We can also stain each box or we can paint it 
  • If you would like the box customized please leave a phone number and email in the comment section and what color stain or paint or if you just want it rough and by itself 
  • If you want a picture send it to the email and we can correspond that way 


Small Deck Pull Box

Excluding Sales Tax
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